Present day… On Route to My Birthplace… London Town

10 06 2011

Now that I have somewhat brought you up to speed on all of my 2010 excitement, I can share what’s happening right now! First I want to say Happy Birthday to my amazing husband; his birthday was actually yesterday June 9, but it’s my blog so whateves.

Farhan and I are sitting on a plane on our way to London. We are about to start our one month adventure in Europe. Fasten your seat belts kids…. it’s about to get crazy up in hurrr!! (Don’t judge me because I still like to talk like I’m 17 from the hood). The plan is to start out in London for a few days to spend some time with good friends and see my old home as I did live there a few years ago. Then we are off to Turkey for two weeks so we can experience firsthand what everyone is always raving about when they visit this place. This part of the trip will also be the honeymoon that Farhan and I still need to have. After Turkey we are off to Portugal for a week. First stop in Cascais to see my girl Aliyah get married to Farouq. After the wedding a bunch of us friends from the wedding will spend a few days in the Algarve with our friends. The trip will end with a couple of days in London again and then back to c-town!

At this exact moment I am listening to the most brilliant 80’s music on the planet mixed by my cousin DJ Bounce (mark my words… he will be crazy famous for his talent one day. Check it out – I love long flights at night because I actually get to just chill out and do some of my favourite things without any outside distractions from twitter to bbm, live profile, whatsapp, face time, email… so basically my phone. One of my favourite things to do is watch movies. Farhan and I could watch movies all day! He is a film maker so I guess that’s fitting for him. He is in movie bliss right now – on demand in the air! It doesn’t get any better than that!!

So since we are on the topic of movies, I am going to share with you the movie that I just watched on this flight which I’m sure you will most certainly hassle me about, but I’m secure in myself, I can take it….

Hi my name is Farah Kanani Daya, I’m 31 years old and I just watched ‘Justin Bieber – Never Say Never!!’ I’m not sure what Siskel would have said, but I am confident that Ebert would give it two thumbs up. Granted I am a Bieber fan by nature so it was an easy pick for me, but for those of you who think you are too grown up or mature for Justin, I urge you to reconsider. I even got my movie critic husband to watch it and he was pleasantly surprised (please don’t be mad Hussein Juma. He still likes blood and guts too). This was really just a success story documented… who wouldn’t want to see that! It was entertaining, inspirational, eye-opening and dare I say I even shed a tear or two.

We have about four hours of this flight left so I am going to try to get some shut-eye. Need to fight the jet lag from now because I definitely need to be awake for Saturday night in London!




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