NHL Finals 2011: The Vancouver Canucks vs. the Boston Bruins… Maybe Next Year

16 06 2011

So now that we have left London, and having access to ESPN or CBC was pretty much non-existent in Turkey, I thought there would finally be some shanti and we would get a much-needed full night’s sleep. Though it rarely happens, I was in fact wrong here. At 3:15am my iPod started to vibe as my ‘score mobile’ app tells me  “15 minutes till game time.” Thank you technology for ruining my sleep. Of course, pretty much on cue, Farhan wakes up turns on the computer and finds a way to stream the game… this is where the next three hours of what was supposed to be my indulgence in a bit of REM went to. Again… thank you technology!

There really is something to be said about hearing the Azaan (the call of prayer) echo through the streets and walls of the city as game 7 is going on and Luongo needs just that… a prayer to save him from a pretty embarrassing night, and an even more embarrassing series.  My heart truly does go out to all of the Canuck fans who shared in this disappointment. After becoming an emotional Heat fan and watching them fall as hard as they did, I can relate to how these fans must have felt. Now it is true that many other Canadians, especially Albertans took great pleasure in seeing the Canucks go down and those of you who actually are Canuck fans may not take too kindly to what I am about to say. However, the truth of the matter is, Canuck fans are generally known to be not only a fickle bunch (thanks Hussein for pointing that out so eloquently), but also an over-confident and rowdy fan base. Unfortunately this was proven while the game was actually going on as I received a tweet all the way in Turkey telling me about fires and riots that had already started in downtown. The Albertans didn’t want this team to win for just this reason… we would never live it down. Now, if you actually are a Vancouverite, please don’t take offense to what I am saying, I am only pointing out what is out there for anyone and everyone to read and see for themselves. Articles have been written about Vancouver and the fans, they’ve also been written about Alberta and their feelings about the nucks followers. Interviews and surveys conducted and documented on television. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion…I’m just saying, it is what it is.

Having said all of this and admitting that I initially didn’t really care for the Canucks to win either, the truth is that I didn’t really have much of an opinion either way as I’m not a crazy Hockey fan like my fellow Canadians are.  And as the series went on, I too became fickle in my views and actually didn’t mind if the Canucks won… my reasoning – 1. My 9-year-old nephew Jordan-Azaan is the Biggest Canuck fan on the planet. I wanted them to win for him and all of the fans who are just like him… genuine fans who just want to see their team succeed and were likely just as embarrassed about the riots happening in their own city. 2. I personally know more true fans with heart than I do the buffoons who ruin it for everyone 3. My hubby is an absolute die-hard Habs fan which makes the Bruins automatic rivals for the team and for him, so by default, F was a major Canucks fan during this series. Gotta support my fam’ and my man, so even though it didn’t happen the way they wanted it to go this year… ‘Go Canucks Go’ or in the words of 3-year-old Noah Shariff ‘Coconuts Go!’




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