My Kind of Castle– Bodrum, Turkey: Day 14 of Europe 2011

24 06 2011

June 24, 2011

Highlights: Castle, Mausoleum,   

 Bodrum is not all that big and there aren’t a lot of sights to see in this city… it’s more of a party and relaxing town I think – still very beautiful all the same. Although there’s not a lot to see, what there is…there is a lot of!

This castle we saw was HUGE and it took us forever to get through. F and I both agreed though that it was hands down the most beautiful of all of the castles/palaces/mosques/museums etc that we have seen so far. Firstly, it was right along the water so no matter where you are in the courtyard, you have a view of miles and miles of open space and water all around you. The castle was filled with flowers and it was so open. I still can’t get over the fact that in a much simpler time, these grand structures were built and lived in. Fascinating to see the ‘English Tower’, ‘French Tower’ and the ‘Torture Chamber.’ Imagine having a home with a torture chamber in it. WTF! And giving someone a tour… ‘Hi welcome to my home. This is the living room, here’s the kitchen, that’s the restroom. Oh that? That’s just the torture chamber. I hope you like dinner!” Ahh the advantages of being Royalty!

We did make an attempt to see the Mausoleum but unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of it left. The sight is still there with bits and pieces of it on display to view, but nothing really remains.  It’s a little sad to see that none of it could really even be restored, especially since it is one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. I don’t have a lot to say about this because there wasn’t really anything to see. It cost 8TL to walk in and see the remains but we didn’t bother. What we could see from the door was really all there was to it… not worth it. I’d rather buy ice cream.

 The walk to the mausoleum was actually more scenic than the sight itself. We walked along the west side of the marina… in between rows of shops, restaurants and clubs on one side and the water on the other. What more can you ask for in a pretty city with 35 degree weather.

After spending hours and hours and hours outside walking through the castle and making our way to the mausoleum and then walking home, in the scorching heat we were so thoroughly exhausted. I know it’s going to sound insane… but even though we were in the party town of the country on a Friday night…. this was the night F and I chose to order room service and just stay in. He is officially full blown sick with a cold of death. Pointless to go out when all we will be thinking about is wanting to come home anyway. And I’ve become a bit of a home body these days so it suited me just fine to stay in. When you’re travelling for a month… you gotta have a couple of days where you can just recoup and recharge. For us, that was tonight.

Even though there was no crazy partying, Bodrum has been a blast and we’ve loved every minute of it… even getting here! We would definitely come back here for a few days in the future!




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