About Me

I guess this is the section where I write about me, my purpose in life and all that lovely stuff. The truth is, I just love to write… and with my love of writing comes my love of life, travel, expression and of course – good stories. To me, life is just a series of great stories and if we don’t capture them whenever they happen, they will disappear just as quickly!  I’ve been journaling since I was a little kid… but transferring my stacks of journals that disclose the name of every boy I liked from  grade one, and what my name looked like if I paired it with his last name -not exactly the kind of stuff I care to share.

This is my grown up version of my diary!! It started with my travels around the world and has now become my ‘go to’ spot when I have something I need to share… whether it’s been about my wedding, my thoughts about that new movie or song I just heard, and of course, my new love… basketball – my goal is to record as many of my thoughts as I have the energy for.

I’m sure with one glance at this site, you have noticed that my love of writing can also be interpreted as my inability for cohesiveness. I tend to ramble and give details of every single moment I remember… and I will often repeat myself, and if you have ever had a conversation with me… then you probably know that I write pretty much the way I speak!! I am working on it though… hopefully I will have it down pat by the time I am telling you stories about my great grand children 🙂




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