My Thoughts About The Miami Heat & The NBA Finals 2011

13 06 2011

(Disclaimer: this entry is long… really long. I am aware. Don’t read if you don’t want to know my views on the Heat, NBA and the finals. Don’t complain about the length if you do!)

So I am sitting here in London, England, this amazing metropolis that has so much life and culture just waiting to be taken advantage of by a small town Canadian newlywed couple. We are so excited to be in this cosmopolitan world as there is so much to do and see… spend time with great friends, watch a play, take a stroll in Covent Garden, indulge in some fish and chips. In fact… even sleeping would be well worth it since it’s nearly 5am and we are still somewhat jet-lagged. Instead though… we just watched the rise and fall of our beloved Miami Heat team in the sixth game of the 2011 NBA championship series. Some are saying it’s an ‘epic fail’, ‘the Heat had it coming’, Lebron =Lechoke, They celebrated too soon. My response to you… shhhhhhhhh.  

Yes I am a Heat fan… I will even go as far as saying I am a diehard fan (I mean I am awake at an ungodly hour writing this. I think I deserve some credit). But I will still be the first to say ‘Congratulations Mavs. You deserved this win hands down. Good for you guys!’ Well minus Stevenson and Terry…I have little interest in watching those two loud mouthed buffoons bask in any sort of glory. But Dirk and Kidd – these two have been waiting for this moment for a long time, how can anyone say they didn’t deserve this win? Not only are they phenomenal athletes, they are humble, they are experienced, they are good players and people… and the bottom line is that this team…obnoxious players and all, wanted it that bad. Good job!

The Heat as a team, and the ‘hype’ about ‘Lebron James’

Okay, now that that is out of the way… let’s get down to business and discuss what’s actually being talked about all over the NBA world – The Miami Heat! This team started out the season with the entire basketball nation hating on them…the ‘villains’ of the NBA. Scrutinized for every move they made, every win they won and certainly every loss they lost. And why? Because Lebron ‘took his talents to South Beach’?? Because they purposely tried to create a championship team? Because Lebron is a traitor? Seriously??? Give me a break Heat haters. 

There are loads of teams with more than one ‘all star’ player on their team. The Celtics have their Big 4! Lakers have Kobe, Gasol and what’s his name, and Dallas has a big 5, 6, 7…8, 9??? (Dirk didn’t win this game on his own kids. They ALL were amazing stars). My point is that lots of teams have many All-Star players on their team. And who the hell cares that the Heat did it on purpose? They had the opportunity to do something great… if you were in that position, you would have done the exact same thing! Sure, I will agree… some things LBJ has said in his day even I wish I could take back for him… I won’t make excuses for those moments. When things like that have happened, I just shake my head and say  ‘Oh dear, That big silly… Stop doing that BronBron!’

Hmmm maybe someone should tell Lebron that he needs to grow the hell up and that he isn’t just a kid with super human talent who makes a bazillion dollars more than most people his age who would be entitled to make some mistakes. Oh wait a minute… yeah he is. People LeBron James IS 26 years old!  There are 26 year olds who barely have their GED, drive souped up ‘Toyota Celicas’  and have fluffy dice hanging from their rear view mirrors who are cockier than he is. I’m not saying LBJ should be given free rein to say whatever he wants whenever he wants because he is ‘Lebron James,’ because honestly, unnecessarily cocky and over-confident players make me crazy. I guess I just don’t believe that Lebron is that kind of guy… he has just had those kinds of moments… and he is 26 years old – it happens to the best of us.  At least he owns what he says and stands by it. Everyone has said and done the same types of things he has in sports. That is sports. Get Over It!

Some of you have gotten all bent out of shape calling Lebron a ‘traitor’ and to you I say  “Please stop talking out of your asses.”  Not one team in all of professional sports is made up of all players from their home town. Hey lawyer… if you were given the chance to finally make partner even if you had to move to another firm, wouldn’t you? Hey teacher… if you were given a chance to be the principal at another school as a stepping stone to maybe owning your own school, wouldn’t you? Hey Realtor… if you had the chance to let your career take off by moving to a city with a booming market, wouldn’t you…especially if you aren’t happy where you are and you’re just not moving in the direction you know your future should be going? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! So shut the hell up! He did what he thought was best for himself, his family and his career… good for you LBJ!  Shame on all of you who say you would continue to work in an environment where you weren’t growing as an individual even though you were working your ass off every single day. Shame on all of you!

Yes it is a fact that Heat haters probably couldn’t have chosen a more painful way for Miami to lose if they had the power to do that themselves. No matter what anyone says though… this team was probably the most talked about and most watched team of any sport this entire year! They made the entire NBA a more exciting league to follow. Say what you will about the Heat…they still made you talk about them and maybe they even made you have passion that you didn’t know you had in you.  They have made history.

You can go on and on and on about how the Heat suck, the Heat are this and that, and no they didn’t win the championship… but they still made it to the finals. Shitty teams don’t make it to the finals. Shitty teams don’t just rank as one of the best in their entire conference in the regular season, win the conference finals and make it right to the end. They just don’t!  I’m not saying you have to like them, to each his own really. But please, have some class and give them credit where credit is due.

That is all… I am going to bed!