‘Paradise At My Feet’ – Fethiye, Turkey: Days 11-12 of Europe 2011

22 06 2011

June 21-22th, 2011

Highlights: Road Trip, Oludeniz, Duck Pond Restaurant,

So we got our rental car, finally figured out the gear shift (standard is a little different here, need to lift some sort of lever for reverse? I don’t know), got some road trip munchies, gps is all set up, our bags are packed and we are ready to go!!

The road trip to Fethiye was really nice and very picturesque… It was kind of like driving from Calgary to Vancouver through the mountains except it seemed that these mountains were bigger and there was so much greenery all around us. Maybe we just felt that way because we’re in another country, who knows. What I do know is that taking this mode of transport is very different from flying anywhere. And while taking a plane may be quicker, nothing beats what you can see and experience when you’re in a car or on a bus. If you are planning on visiting Turkey, I highly recommend using one of these ways to get somewhere at least once… of course I am bias to doing it along the coast because that’s what we did and we loved it! I will mention that the roads along the mountains were pretty intense… super windy and somewhat narrow, and they go up quite high so make sure there is a confident driver between you and definitely don’t drive alone… that’s just silly.

F and I had a good chuckle along the way because as we were driving on the highway, we discovered that as different as things can be between one country and the next, gestures of kindness and courtesy seem to be universal. A smile or a wave to say ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ when you’re driving, moving out of the way in the fast lane when you see someone speeding like crazy behind you, and even an oncoming car flashing his lights at you as a warning that there are policemen up ahead. What’s not universal is what the cops are doing as they are waiting for a speedy mcspeederson to fly by. In North America they snack on donuts; in Turkey they sip on chai.  It’s true… as we drove by F noticed that behind the little white shield covering the radar gun, a couple of them were holding little glasses of turkish chai. How civilized!!

How do I begin to describe Fethiye? This little city is all about beach time. And from what I have read, it has some of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches as well.  We spent the one full day we had here in Oludeniz which is about a 15-20 minute drive south of Fethiye. As soon as we got there, we understood exactly why it has developed the reputation for being so stunning. I don’t really have any words to describe this place. The water was as blue as blue gets and if you get tired of looking at the water, just look up and take in the view of the mountains. It was so pretty and perfect. 

Oludeniz is essentially an island where you can spend time right at Oludeniz beach when you first enter the area,  or if you want to go to the Blue Lagoon which is on the other side you can pay a bit of a fee like we did. The fee is because it’s a national park and is the protected part of the beach. They call it ‘Blue Paradise’ because that’s really what it is. On one side of the lagoon the beach is a bit more pebbly and rocky. The other side is where you will feel the sand under your toes when you go into the water. We decided to park ourselves on some beach chairs in front of the pebble side of the beach because it was much quieter and just as pretty. I will warn you though…when you go into the water, go slow and stay close to the ground or you will slip on a rock for sure.

Though today relatively uneventful (since we spent most of it sleeping), it was a little funny when F came out of the water and realized that he went into the ocean with his wallet in his pocket…oops. Everything dried as quickly as it got wet so life wasn’t over, but it definitely felt that way when he first took our soaked marriage licence and Alberta health care card out of his pocket. Ahhh what doesn’t hurt you always makes for a good story in the end.

After spending the entire day getting a few shades darker, we came back to our hotel (which was great by the way –Yacht Boutique Hotel. Great service. Great location too), freshened up and went for dinner in town…about a 10 minute walk. The main ‘downtown’ area where all the restaurants, clubs and shops are was so lively and quaint. It’s not a very big area and all of these places are really close to each other… very cozy type of atmosphere. You can’t help but be in a great mood and feel like you’re really on vacation when you’re in this city.

Like the other cities we have been to so far, as soon as we’d walk by a restaurant, a waiter or owner would rush us and try to convince us to dine at their place. We finally settled on the ‘Duck Pond Restaurant’ because…well the ducks in the pond were cute and gave the restaurant an ambience the other places didn’t have. Another meal to go on the top ten list… the fish casserole. Turkish casseroles are not the same as north American casseroles. It’s more like a curry here and its oven cooked in a clay dish. So yummy!!!!

Well that’s all for Fethiye… this place was all about relaxing, eating and soaking in the sun. We may try to do a little shopping tomorrow and then make the trek to Bodrum. The guide says it will take us about 4.5 – 5 hours to get there by car, hopefully we can cut that down by a few since poor F is starting to get a little under the weather.