Champagne In The Morning…

18 02 2012

Lately when I hear people talk about Valentine’s Day, it seems like the new thing to say is ‘I hate valentines’ ‘ Ugh it’s so overrated’ ‘V-Day is just a commercial day meant to take your money.’ Oh and my favourite : ‘It’s really pathetic that people go out and pretend to care about each other one day of the year and treat each other like garbage the rest of the year.’  Gawd… why are there so many haters out there? Relax people!! It’s just another day! It’s an excuse to celebrate and hang with your boo in a crazy busy time when we’re all caught up with work, school, family, friends etc.  And let’s be real, for all those people who say ‘Well I think everyday should be like Valentine ’s Day’ to that I say ‘Child please! Who the hell has time to go out for fancy dinners and get each other cute little cards with hearts on them every other day? NOBODY! So I say… go out, live it up, celebrate. Buy cute cards, share a heart-shaped box of chocolates wrapped in red velvet ribbon, go for a nice dinner… buy each other presents! Doesn’t mean you treat each other like junk for the other 362 days of the year (not including your birthdays. Obviously you’re nice to each other on those days), it just means you get to slow down and take the time to celebrate each other… I love this day!!

Farhan and I celebrated on a Saturday the 18th since actual Valentines landed on a work day. Our Valentines consisted of a full day of events with brunch,  a matinée musical, mani/pedi’s,  some shopping,  ordering in some Chinese for dinner and ending the evening with some yummy  wine, cheese and shisha! It was a great day!

The main purpose of this post was not really to give you a lecture on Valentine’s Day (even though it started that way), it was to tell you about the fabulous brunch that started our fabulous day! We enjoyed the most amazing three course brunch I’ve had in a very long time at a place called ‘Jacqueline Suzanne’s Bistro’ in Inglewood.  JS’s is a quaint little place that has actually been open for the last 9 years. 9 Years! I’ve lived in Calgary for just about my whole life and I have never heard of this place. Yay for groupon!

Typically when we go for brunch (my favourite meal of the day), I usually roll out of bed, throw on some lulu’s with a hat and some kicks, and off I go (not before brushing my teeth and combing my hair of course). Since we were celebrating ‘love day’ however, we both dressed like we were actually going on a date. Good thing we did too because JS’s, while not super fancy fine dining, it’s still a cute place that requires one to make some effort in her appearance. I mean we had to make a reservation for jim’s sake. Definitely not your everyday ‘Cora’s’ joint. The decor could either be mistaken for my grandmother’s kitchen or a classy little mom n pops restaurant from the 60’s… antique is the word that comes to mind. There was an element of tackiness with Christmas lights draped on the banisters, the damask burgundy velvet table cloths and bright purple beads hanging from the ceiling, but still an aura of class all at the same time.  I loved hearing the classical music in the background and eavesdropping on the cute 70+ year old friends sitting next to us, talking about a boat show and trying to figure out ‘why he thinks the way he does.’  Ha! I guess it doesn’t really matter how old we get…we’ll always wonder.  I actually felt like I was on vacation and not even in Calgary. For a couple of hours we were back in London, England having afternoon tea at a hotel somewhere in the west end. Heaven.

Our first course… he had a delicious breakfast martini and me a yummy morning mimosa. Nothing like starting the morning off with a little Champagne to toast to. The actual brunch menu was simple, unlike most diners that leave me pondering and changing my mind for 20 minutes before I attempt to order. There were about 6 items to choose from  and it was really all we needed. I mean there are only so many ways one can order eggs, bacon and French toast.   I found a variation of my favourite eggs benny, with a side of aged cheddar, and Farhan had the ‘crepe du jour.’ While everything sounds good when you say it in French, his dish really was to die for (obviously I had to try a few bites of my hubby’s meal J). Given that I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet, our third course, the dessert, was naturally my favourite.  Any restaurant that serves bread pudding is an automatic winner in my books.  Warm, moist, sweet cake baked just enough to create a light golden glow around the edges, laced with creamy white chocolate and a caramel drizzle glazed on top. With a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on the side, it was a perfect bite everytime. Now if for some bizarre reason bread pudding isn’t your thing, Farhan’s chocolate bailey’s cheesecake was also pretty fabulous.

Would I go back? Absolutely! I was so perfectly satisfied by the end that I didn’t want to risk being ‘uncomfortably full’ by having the specialty coffee I had had my eye on the whole morning. Made with crème de banana, frangelico, caramel syrup, espresso and steamed milk… my ‘Toffee Coffee Latte’ will just have to wait till next time.