Singapore, Singapore

12 05 2009

May 11th 2009 – May 12, 2009 

Our flight to Singapore was at 6:55am today! A word of advice… an itinerary may look stellar in the ‘planning stages’, but everytime you are about to book a flight for some ungodly hour in the morning… you should really just take a minute to close your eyes and try to envision yourself waking up at that time. So if your flight is at… 6:55am, you have to be at the airport at least by 4:55am (international) so you have to leave your hotel by 430am, which means you need to be up by at least 4:00am to get ready – NOT FUN!!!! 

Fast forward past the flight and the cranky morning stages… we are now in Singapore!!!! We’re literally only spending one day here. We arrived at 8:00am today and are leaving at 5:30am tomorrow. So this day needs to be as productive as possible!!! 

We got to our hotel, checked in… did about 4 minutes of freshening up and were out the door again. Our agenda for the day… Little India, Chinatown and the Night Zoo Safari. 

Firstly… it’s true what they say, Singapore is spotless!!! It’s so clean that even if you are the messiest person of life, you will feel guilty leaving any sort of a trail here! I was in the airport bathroom, and as I squirted the little soap dispenser to wash my hands, a bit of the soap missed my hands and went onto the counter. In Canada, that would go unnoticed; here, I felt it was my duty to clean it up right away! Second, the subway system here … amazing! Canada seems archaic compared to these guys. If I went into detail about the how’s and why’s of this system… this blog will be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than necessary considering I’m only going through one day!! Just believe me… its awesome and so efficient! 

We took the train to Little India… and really felt like we were in India. Indians everywhere… we did feel like we were at home sort of. So much so that it dawned on us that one of our Ismaili Mosques are built in Singapore. And hey… maybe it’s near little India. Only one way to find out… starting looking for people who ‘look Ismaili’ and ask them if they know where our Mosque is. As we were walking along, Farhan did exactly that… ‘excuse me’ he says, ‘you know Ismaili…Agakhan? We’re looking for mosque’ – we got a few responses with a bit of hope but in the end… nada. It was a good try though… worth a shot. 🙂 We did eat at a restaurant called ‘Blue Diamond’ in Little India though… great food if you’re looking for Indian food in Singapore! 

Chinatown… yes you guessed it, we felt like we were now in China! Huge market… selling the same types of nik-naks everywhere… glad we saw it, but still left there empty handed. 

In the evening we went to the Zoo for the night safari! Aside from the ridiculously expensive nuggets and fries meal with a few ‘happy drinks’ (about $60.00USD… more than a few whole days of eating like Royalty would cost in Thailand!), the Safari was really cool. First we saw a tribal show which was basically people dancing and spitting out fire and flipping around sticks with fire on both ends. Very entertaining!!! The night Safari itself was awesome… we took a tram through the forest and saw all of the nocturnal animals in their natural habitat… no cages or fences – just there, some of them were so close to the tram that you could touch them. We saw Lions and Tigers.. Giraffes, Zebras, Hippos and Rhinos… not too many words I can use to describe how awesome it was to see animals like that soooooo close up, and so free! Amazing! 

What wasn’t so amazing is that during one of the shows… I realized that while we were in Phuket, I somehow managed to get over 30 mosquito bites on both of my legs… even worse, Farhan counted 55 on one leg! I know… I am so disgusted at even the thought of it! If you travel…. not only is insect replant key – but Calamine Lotion… so important!!! I hope I can find some in Vietnam!! 

Lastly…. to end our trip in Singapore, of course our flight it at 7:00am yet again, so at 5:25am just as I am about to close up the duffel bag of clothes… the seam rips right along the zipper! Luckily we had a sewing kit… how convenient!! At 5:30am, when most sane people are sleeping… I am sewing a bag together! 

Well… there really is no where else to go but up from here, so Vietnam has to bring me better luck!!! 

By the way… it was my intention to put up some pictures on this site, but time has been super short! Hopefully I can do that when we’re back in Calgary… I’m sure I can find some good ones within the over 1100 we’ve taken so far!