FnF’s Jet-Setting Adventures

FnF… that’s Farah and Farhan :).

In May 2009 Farhan and I went travelling around South East Asia together for a month, with two of my favorite people – Zaileen and Hussein, also known as the Hajis! We started out in Hong Kong and managed to take 17 flights across 7 different countries within the month. It was honestly the most amazing experience ever. If you have never travelled with your sigfig before… it is definitely something I highly recommend. And even more than that… just travel – it’s the best gift you could ever give yourself. We saw and learned so much on this trip and even though it was jam-packed with flights and buses and ‘to do’ lists and ‘itineraries’…. it was such a blast!!!  Search in the categories for ‘South East Asia’… it should take you to all of the destinations we hit. Or just go to ‘May 2009’ in the Archives; that should take you there too…

Our most recent adventure was to europe for 30 days. We started out in London England, then to Turkey for two weeks, Portugal for one week and then finally back to London for a couple of days before heading back home. It was a blast!!! Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world bar none. My favorite part was when F and I went on a road trip on the coast. What an adventure!!!  Click on June 2011 for Turkey and July 2011 for Portugal. Or just type in the names of the countries. You might not see it just yet because I still need to update. Blogging is not easy! I always feel like I have homework on my vacation!


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