2012 Has Arrived… Resolution Time!!!

13 01 2012


It has been a while…  a long while. So as the New Year starts and resolutions are naturally (almost forcefully) whirling through our minds, I can’t help but hope to rejuvenate and make some game changing moves. None as bold as the Cammalleri trade, but little things like… avoid run on sentences, use ‘…’ less when I write, finish a full glass of beer, wear nicer pyjamas to bed (right now its oversized concert t-shirts and fluorescent capris)… blog more.  Okay fine, maybe they aren’t ‘game changing’ per-se, but at least they are attainable.

Last year I had made a huge list of resolutions. Learn to speak French, take lessons in a winter sport… snowboarding, and a summer sport… tennis,  bikram yoga 3x a week, read 1 book a week. I may as well have written ‘climb mt kili’ or ‘save all of the children of Haiti.’  I had so many things on my list, I spent more time rearranging the time frames and scheduling this stupid list than I did actually tackling it.

With every year that passes, I may not follow through with my resolutions, but I do feel like I gain a little wisdom. This year as I have just begun my 32nd year of life, my goals are simple, cheesy yes, but simple nonetheless.  Make time to do lots of nothing, recognize everything that I do already and do more of it since I obviously enjoy it.  Eat more burgers, drink more wine. Appreciate my fabulous life.


Go Heat Go!