Wedding Bells

HOW WE MET….  Farhan and I met on May 25, 2008 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. He saw me taking a picture of some friends and offered to take the picture for me so I could be in the picture as well. I’m not entirely sure why, but I told him to go and be in the picture instead… even though they were my friends. Just one of those nights I guess :).

Anyway, we ran into each other a few times throughout the night and discovered we had a few of the same people in common. I used to teach his little sister, who just happened to be my favorite student and he went to school with both of my siblings. It really is a small world!   We ended up taking a picture together and when I told him that I would ‘tag’ him on facebook, he says to me ‘I’m not on facebook!’ I swear my heart stopped for a moment. ‘Seriously… you’re not on fb” I said ‘Not cool my friend not cool.’ I opted for an email picture transfer instead. Closer to the end of the night,  Farhan saw me chatting with someone from across the room.  So he walked over to me and said ‘ hey, is that guy your boyfriend because you seem quite smitten with him? If he is, that’s totally cool, but I’m not going to email you then because I’m not that type of guy.”  The person I was talking to was definitely not my boyfriend, and ‘smitten’ was definitely not the word I would have used. I will admit that I was slightly taken by Farhan at this point though… not a whole lot of guys would say something like that off the bat.  So I looked at Farhan blankly and said ‘just email me…’  The very next day… you guessed it,  I received an email from yours truly. We chatted here and there for a few days,  had our first date on June 4th, 2008 which brings us to today…

Our ‘proposal story’ is on the site under the category “Wedding” or “Proposal”

It was my intention to keep you updated throughout my entire wedding experience, but the reality is… wedding planning is not fun. There is a lot of arguing, negotiating, shouting, silent treatment, and I think blood was drawn once. I’m kidding! It’s true that it wasn’t fun and it was more than stressful, but it all paid off because in the end, we did get married and the day was perfect… August 7, 2010!


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